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Thank all of you so much! I was nominated for an amazing Flickr contest. If you’re on twitter and want to give me a chance to win the 20under20 contest, tweet #Flickr20u20 and my name with the hashtags #besttechnique, #mostcreative, or #strongestportfolio. It would mean a lot!

Really nice job and He is just a teenager  He isn’t a professional photographer (not yet at least). Amazing!!.



Bow Side Skinny Wash Jeans / Boohoo / £25

In black it will be perfect

El amor no tiene día específico, se celebra todos los días <3 .Te amo Hachi :3 (LLLL) 

El amor no tiene día específico, se celebra todos los días <3 .

Te amo Hachi :3 (LLLL) 

Me encantan estos cortos (LLLLLL).

"You don’t believe that woman could enjoy been free and independent? …

I just don’t feel confortable been anyone’s girlfriend; Actually I do not feel confortable been anyone anything. I like been by my own. Relationship are messy and people get hurt. Who needs it?. We’re young, we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world…, we gotta have fun until we get old because by that moment we gotta start to think in serious stuff.”

But what about if you fall in truely love someday? …

500 days of Summer 


Son como chocolatitos por la educación <3 (aunque esa no es la finalidad en sí, pero es lo primero que asomó a mi cabeza :B)


After my red velvet cupcake day, my dad asked me a favour. He told me ‘can you make these cupcakes again for Friday? And can you make them blue?’ Hence the reason I made these Blue Velvet Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache.

Can you guess why I might have made these? My dad told me that today his workplace was raising awareness for Prostate Cancer, in which they were having a small ‘cake’ stall. The public were able to donate a gold coin towards funding for Prostate Cancer research, and in return, they would be able to savour a ‘blue’ treat. When my dad saw how I made my cupcakes red, he asked whether I could make them blue. I took up this opportunity to bake and help my dad out in his fundraiser, just like that time I helped him out during their fundraiser for Breast Cancer awareness. 

I used my Mini Red Velvet Cupcake recipe from a couple of days ago, but I obviously used blue food colouring, and I removed the white chocolate chips. I also decided to put chocolate ganache instead on the icing, because the cupcake itself is chocolate anyway, so I thought they would go well together. 

I figured, since I’m making these cupcakes for Prostate Cancer, I should make them themed. I remembered I had some fondant in my pantry, and decided to use that to make blue ribbons to decorate on top (following my cupcake criteria of three components, of course). When you make blue fondant ribbons, let them sit in room temperature for a while after you mould it. It allows the fondant to become stiffer, and make it easier to place on top of your cupcakes. If they’re too soft and pliable, you can cause it to stretch when you lift it to put on your cupcakes, and might break apart.  

On a side note, this also demonstrates one of the reasons I like to bake. I enjoy putting my skills to good use, and helping people out when I can. 

Gatito gordito lindo *w*  



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